Daegu Chimac Festival Terms of Use

The Terms (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Terms’) sets forth the terms and conditions regarding the use of all products and services of the Daegu Chimac Festival website (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Service’) provided by the Korea Chimac Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’) between the customer using the Service (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Customer’) and the Company.

1.     Definition

The Terms use the following terms.

1.1. ‘Contents’ refers to sentences, voice, music, image, video, software, program, code and other information.

1.2. ‘The Contents’ refers to the contents accessed via the Service.

1.3. ‘Contributed contents’ refers to the contents contributed, forwarded and uploaded by the Customer to the Service.

1.4. ‘Individual terms of use’ refers to the documents distributed or posted by the Company under the name of ‘terms’, ‘guideline’, ‘policy’ and others in separation with the Terms as for the Service.


2. Agreement of terms

2.1 The Customer shall use the Service in accordance with the Terms. The Customer may use the Service only if he or she should agree to the valid and irrevocable agreement to the Terms.

2.2. In case of minor customers, use the Service with the consent of the person with parental rights and legal representatives. Also in the case where the customer uses the Service for entrepreneurs, use the Service with the agreement of such entrepreneur on the Terms.

2.3. The Customer shall be considered to have presented the valid and irrevocable agreement to the Terms by virtually using the Service.

2.4. Where individual terms of use exist as for the Service, the Customer shall use the Service in accordance with such individual terms of use besides the Terms.


3. Modification

When the Company judges as necessary, the Company may modify the Terms or any individual terms of use at any time without prior notice to the Customer. Such modified terms shall take effect on the time when posted on the proper place in the website operated by the Company. The Customer shall be considered to have presented the valid and irrevocable agreement to the modified Terms or applicable individual terms by continuing to use the service even after such modification. Refer frequently to the latest Terms and applicable individual terms of use because such modification cannot be individually notified.


4. Account

4.1. When registering the information related to the customer in order to use the Service, he or she shall provide the true, precise and complete information and shall modify for the latest information to be applied at any time.

4.2. When registering passwords to use the Service, the Customer shall strictly manage it under his or her own responsibility so as it not to be abused. The Company may consider any acts done with the registered passwords as the acts of the Customer.

4.3. The Customer registered at the Service may delete his or her account and withdraw.

4.4. The Company may suspend or delete the accounts of the Customer recognized as have violated or to violate the Terms, without any prior notice.

4.5. The Company may delete the accounts without any prior notice which are not accessed for more than one year from the last time of access.

4.6. All the rights of the Customer on the use of the Service shall be released at the point where the account is deleted regardless of the reason. The accounts deleted by the error of the Customer cannot be restored.

4.7. The account of the Service is attributed to the Customer. All the Customer’s rights of using the Service shall not be transferred, borrowed or inherited.

5. Privacy

5.1. The Company respects the privacy of the Customer.

5.2. The Company properly handles the private and personal information of the Customer in accordance with the privacy statements of the Daegu Chimac Festival website.

5.3. The Company pays the best attention to the security of the information collected from the Customer in order to manage in safety.

5.4. The Company may transfer the privacy data collected from the Customer with any request by the Korea Chimac Industry Association Corp.


6. Provision of Service

6.1. The Customer shall prepare all necessary computers, mobiles and terminals, communication equipment, operation systems, communication tools and electricity etc. for the use of Service at his or her expense and responsibility.

6.2. The Company may provide all or part of the Service to the Customer as long as he or she satisfies the conditions determined by the Company to be required such as age, verification, registered information and others.

6.3. If the Company considers as necessary, all or part of the Service may be modified or its provision may be suspended at any time without the prior notice to the Customer.


7. Non-application of Urgent Report

The Service does not provide the tools of urgent report to the police, ocean security agencies, fire departments and other agencies.


8. Advertisements Posting

The Company may post the advertisements of the Company or any third party on the Service.


9. Associated Partner Service

The Service may include the service or contents for which the Company has associated with other business operators. The responsibility for such service or contents lies in the business operator who provides them. Further, such service or contents may be applicable to the terms of use and other conditions set forth by the provider.


10. Contents

10.1. The Company grants the rights of use to the Customer in the purpose of using the Servic, which is not transferrable and re-admittable and which is not proprietary.

10.2. When using the Contents for which any separate terms and conditions are stipulated such as for charges or term of use etc. the Customer shall follow such terms of use. Even if the screen of the Service shows ‘purchase’ or ‘sales’, the rights including the intellectual property rights for the Service provided by the Company shall not be transferred to the Customer and only the above rights of are granted.

10.3. The Customer shall not use the Contents beyond the forms of use stipulated in advance on the Service (including acts of copying, forwarding, posting or modifying).

10.4. Contributed contents shall be backed up by the Customer in person. The Company shall have no obligation to conduct the backup of the Contents.

10.5. The Service may include the edit functions by which several customers contribute, modify or delete. In such case, the Customer shall admit edits by other customers for the contents contributed by him or her.

10.6. The Customer retains the rights on the contributed contents equally in other cases, which shall not be acquired by the Company; provided the rights of using the contributed contents generally publicized to other customers other than those in the relation of friends shall be considered to be licensed to the Company without limiting the period and the region at no cost(including the rights of omitting or modifying to the extent that the Company considers as necessary and appropriate, which include the rights of re-admit the rights of use to the third associates of the Company).

10.7. Where the Company is required to confirm the abidance of laws or the Terms etc., it may check on the contributed contents. Provided, the Company have no obligation to conduct such confirmation.

10.8. When the Company recognizes the Customer to have violated or have the risk of violating the Laws or the Terms as for the contributed contents or in case of other cases required for business, the Company may restrict the use of the contributed contents on the Service by the means of, for example, deleting the contributed contents without any prior notice to the Customer.


11. Interdiction

The Customer shall not do the acts listed below when using the Service.

11.1. Violation of laws, court decisions, judgements or injunctions, and other administrative actions of binding force.

11.2. Acts which may hinder the public order or harm the fine custom.

11.3. Infringement of the statutory or contractual rights of the Company of third parties including the intellectual property rights such as copy right, trademark right and patent right, the right of reputation, the right of privacy and others.

11.4. Contribution or forward of the expressions which are extremely violent, explicitly obscene, or discriminate by race, nationality, creed, sex, social status or family etc., or induce to and encourage the acts of suicide, automutilation or drug abuse, or include other dissocial content and give others unpleasant feeling.

11.5. Arrogation of the Company of third parties or willful distribution of false information.

11.6. Acts sending the same or similar messages to uncertain many customers (not including the one admitted by the Company), acts of adding other customers to the friends or group chatting indiscriminately, other acts judged as spam by the Company.

11.7. Transaction of the right of using the Contents with cash, property and other economic benefits in the manner other than those set by the Company.

11.8. Sales, promotion, advertisement, recommendation, and other acts aiming profits (not including those recognized by the Company), acts aiming sexual or obscene deeds, acts aiming to meet or have intercourse with unmet persons, malicious acts or acts of slander or libel, other acts of using the Service for the purposes other than set by the Company.

11.9. Profit donation and other assistance to antisocial forces.

11.10. Recommendations of religious activities or to religious groups.

11.11. Illegal collection, publication, or provision of others private information, registered information or records of use.

11.12. Acts interfering with the server and network system of the Service, BOT, cheating tool, and other unduly manipulations of the Service using technical tools, the acts of intently using the error of the Service, unreasonable inquiry or request to the Company such as by exceedingly repeating the same question, other hindrance or harmful interference with the Service administration of the Company or with the use of the Service by other customers.

11.13. Acts assisting or encouraging one of the above 11.1. to 11.12.

11.14. Other acts judged as inappropriate by the Company.


12. Customer Responsibility

12.1. The Customer shall use the Service under his or her responsibility and shall have the entire responsibility as for all acts done on the Service and the results therefrom.

12.2. Where the Company recognizes the Customer uses the Service in the violation of the Terms, it may take the measures judged as necessary and reasonable by the Company; provided the Company has no obligation to prevent or correct such violations.

12.3. If the Company gets any direct or indirect damages (including the attorney fee) arising from the use of the Service (including the case where the Company was claimed by third parties for such use, the Customer shall promptly compensate this in accordance with the request by the Company.


13. Immunity of the Company

13.1. The Company shall not explicitly nor implicitly guarantee that the Service(including the Contents) has no de facto or de jure error (safety, credibility, precision, completeness, perfection, validity, appropriateness for certain purposes, security defects, error and bugs, right infringement and others). The Company has no obligation toward the Customer to remove such defects in providing the Service.

13.2. The Company has no liability as for all damages occurred to the Customer due to the Service; provided, the immunity clause shall not be applied to the cases where the contract between the Company and the Customer for the Service (including the Terms) is the consumer contract regulated by the Acts of Consumer Contract Customer.

13.3. Even in the case of the above provisory clause, the Company has no responsibility toward the damages occurred due to special circumstances among the damages occurred to the Customer due to the default or illegal acts by the fault of the Company (not including gross negligence) (including the cases where the Company or the Customer expected or could expect the occurrence of such damage). Further, when the Company compensates the damages occurred to the Customer due to the default or illegal acts by the fault of the Company (not including gross negligence), the maximum amount of such compensation shall be the charges receipt by the Company from the concerned Customer for the month when such damages occurred.

14. Contact

14.1. To contact the Company in connection with the Service, the Customer may post on the proper place in the website operated by the Company or take other methods considered as appropriate by the Company.

14.2. To contact the Customer in relation with the Service, the Company shall forward at the customer contact page established at the proper place in the website operated by the Company or otherwise do in the manner set by the Company.


15. Jurisdiction

Daegu District Court shall have the jurisdiction over any disputes between the Customer and the Company arising from or related to the Service.