Why Daegu?

Why is the Chimac Festival held at Daegu?

The center of Korea chicken industry, Daegu!

Most of the popular fried chicken franchises in Korea
have started their businesses from Daegu.
Chicken industry was commenced at Dalgubeol(the old name of Daegu) to provide different meats to people in poverty after the Korean War.
There have been many companies since 1970s-80s,
such as Mexican Chicken, Mexicana, Cheogajip Seasoned Chicken, Smof Chicken and many others. Now Gyochon Chicken, Hosiki Two Chicken Ttangttang Chicken, Jonguki Two Chicken, Chicken Party, Byeolbyeol Chicken, and Daegu Chicken are famous brands.
In Korea, Chimac, the collective term for fried chicken and beer,
is not just a drinking culture but the network culture connecting people to people.
Daegu is pioneering this chicken culture, as
it has advanced chicken-related food industry,
the gizzard alley of Peace Market for example. With the history and tradition of fried Chicken,
Daegu will lead the globalization of Daegu Chimac Festival with local features and Chicken and beer fever. As with the lessons from Oktoberfest, the global beer festival in Germany,