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  • 01

    Duryu Baseball Stadium Premium Chimac Club

    Use the festival site as a business area
    by operating a business lounge
    with local companies

    Every night at 9:09 pm,

    the symbolic program of the Chimac Festival will take place,

    including LED color balloons, chimac buddy,

    chimac friends, and audience participation

    18 (Wed) BJ Monkey, Jinwoo, Rillim, Hotsae, Jippi
    19 (Thu) BJ Kim Marlre
    20 (Fri) BJ Kkot Dweji, Chagaun Gongguri, Geoje Pokgyeokgi, Heungsam, Sujeong, Busik, Mingki, Dwaehani
    21 (Sat) BJ Geu Ja Sik, Hwanghu, Heunggugi
    22 (Sun) BJ Uhm Sam Yong
  • 02

    2.28 Parking lot Chimac Ice Cafe

    1 Chicken Cuisine Contest

    2 Creative beer cocktail Bartender Championship

    3 Live performance

  • 03

    Tourist Information Center Parking Lot Chimac Beach

  • 04

    Kolon Outdoor music hall Chimac Park Screen Concert

    1 Premium Beer Garden

    2 Chimac Healing Screen Concert

  • 05

    Festival Hall Road Chimac Amusement Park

    1 Activity Play ZONE

    2 Tied with the Daegu International Horror Festival

    3 Unique Photo Zone

    4 Chimac Buddy

    5 Chimac Busking

    6 Sweet and scary chimac water gun battle


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