Parking Facility: for visitors, free operation during the festival (Traffic is expected to be heavy on the day of festival and please use the public transportation.)

Train: get off at East Daegu or Daegu Station, get off at Line No.2 Duryu Station

Subway: Get off at Line no.2 Duryu Station → Take exit 15 and walk about 700m to Duryu Park Ballpark. (about 15 minutes)

Bus line: No.653(across Eworld, front of Eworld), no.503, no.600, no.623, Yellow no.3/Yellow no.3-1(across Eworld, front of Eworld), no.503(front of Duryu Library)

GPS address: Kolon Music Hall, 658-1 Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu